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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  June 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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4:30 a.m. thursday, june 2. here's what we're following on "action news." a car smashes into a montgomery home that serves as a doctors office. philadelphia police are looking for the driver who struck and killed an 18-year-old pedestrian and fled the scene. a local basketball player who seem destined to the nba is facing murder charges. david murphy is off, karen rogers is in, matt pellman that is traffic. >> reporter: good morning, and happy friday eve to everybody out there. just thought i would throw that
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out. we have a good batch of clouds over the region, we'll see sunshine this afternoon overall partly sunny day, we have a dense fog advisory for the areas off the water off the coastline. inland at atlantic city international, 6 miles. 8 in lancaster. fog will be an issue if you're heading off the water, but along the coastline we'll watch for that to develop. not a big deal for the city right now. 63 degrees the current temperature feeling okay. temperatures below what they were yesterday in the city this morning, we're heading up to 84. a warm day not as warm as yesterday, but clouds especially this morning mixing with sunshine this afternoon it's going to feel warm and rather muggy for this time of the year. 84 is the high, changes coming for the weekend, i'll detail that in the seven-day forecast in just a minute, matt. >> reporter: thank you for that reminder it is friday evening we're holding on to that, good morning everybody we're starting out in northern liberties at
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frankford avenue at delaware avenue at sugarhouse casino there was a nasty overnight accident that involved a vehicle that flipped over. the crash has cleared out of the way, and both roads have reopened. not reopened yet, the vine street expressway closed for overnight construction they are starting to let the traffic move any minute, but it's halted both ways. once the crews clear they will return at 11:00 p.m. 202 southbound work overnight they have the bright lights approaching the 30 bypass, block the one of the two lanes, they should be cleared within the hour. construction at the burlington bristol bridge remains shut down at this hour stay on the connector bridge until 5:00 a.m. when they are scheduled to get it reopened. university of control driver crashed into a montgomery county home. this is the 1300 block of germantown avenue in plymouth
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meeting. the address is a chiropractor's office. the car was towed away. the driver was checked on it by medic it is at the scene. a hit-and-run driver left an 18-year-old to die in the road. police say the car was reported stolen found a block away from the crash scene in hunting park. annie mccormick is live in north philadelphia with the latest on the story. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tamala, that's right, the car was found, they are looking for the driver. the 18-year-old suffered head trauma and thrown into the air and transported to temple university hospital where he was pronounced a short time later. this happened around 9:00 p.m., 911 calls flood the district with the reports of a hit-and-run in old york road. police found the 18-year-old on the ground. a short time later in the 1300
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block of west pike, police found a stolen white prius they believe was the striking vehicle, it had damage consistent with hitting someone. surveillance video captured the vehicle hitting the young man. we didn't get a clear recording of who was driving the vehicle. however, neighbors and people working, in the area say they see the vehicle on a regular basis and they know who drives the vehicle. they described the female as the person who tbhormally -- normally drivings that vehicle. >> reporter: police are looking to question her, if she wasp not behind the wheel, they are hoping they can lead them to the person who was. and channel 6 "action news." ricky mowsly and another
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are charged with breaking into the home of another police officer. the officer who was off-duty said mowsly lunged at him, so he fired a shot. he has not hit. henry ran off and the officer gave chase. an off-duty detective saw the pursuit and helped make an arrest. nba prospect who was a standout basketball player in philadelphia. raysheed jordan played in philadelphia and st. john's university. last friday during an attempted holdup on the 2400 block of diamond street he shot a man in the arm. this past season he played for the 87ers of the nba development league. it was an emotional night
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as the 8th graders graduated from the chester elementary school. his fare accepted the dmoam -- deploma of his son zenas powell who was shot in chester and not the intended target. i was so impressed. his 8th grade class gave them flowers and notes and he was planning on attending the milton hershey boarding school the next school year. it would take up to two years to make medical marijuana available for retailers in pennsylvania. they are surveilling other states with comprehensive programs. tom wolf made pennsylvania the
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24th state to legalize marijuana. that means eligible patient could take it in pill, oil, vapor, ointment or liquid form. hillary clinton will deliver a national security speech to outline while she believes donald trump is not fit to be president. abc karen travers has more from the campaign trail. >> reporter: it is getting tight in the golden state. we are going to win the primary in california. >> reporter: a new poll showing a dead heat between hillary and bernie sanders. back on the campaign trail in new jersey, clinton launched her toughest attack yet on donald trump calling him a fraud. he is trying to scam america the way he scammed all those people at trump u.
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>> reporter: trump university the latest controversies for the republican nominee. new documents reveal students paid up to 35 miles per hour dollars all they got for that is an uncredited real estate course and online curriculum and access to a list of foreclosed properties and paper certificate. she had a no natural talent to be president. >> reporter: now clinton has another high profile attack dog in her corner, a fired up president obama shaking off the campaign trail cobwebs tearing into trump proposals, including his tax plan. that will not make your lives better, that will help people like him. >> reporter: clinton supporters welcoming the new aggressive tone saying they want more. what do you want toddes her
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do? say shut up donald. >> reporter: clinton has a peach on northbound security she'll slam trunk for his dangerous proposals and trash talking of america. reporting from washington, karen travers abc news. coming up more new stories you didn't see last night, police in berks county are warning residents to be on the look out for a roaming bear. a prom teen's pin goes missing until it shows up in an x-ray. >> reporter: we'll have the weekend call coming up you up.
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new this morning, authorities in berks county are monitoring a black bear roaming
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the woods. these pictures were taken yesterday. the bear was spotted yesterday morning on the 1800 block of holy road in reading and later in alsace township. residents are told to leave the bear alone and turn on their exprr lights if they let their pets -- exterior lights if they let their pets outside at night. >> reporter: i know he is dangerous, but he is cute. karen lover of all animals. >> reporter: if you're about to take a drive, here's the commodor barry bridge. we're looking at a hint of fog along the coastline. looking live at the commodor barry bridge, looking good. the temperature 63 greece --
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degrees, currently, the dewpoint, 59 degrees, i think it will feel a little muggy that were. i am a manimal thank you matt. thank you very much. the barometer is holding steady. the winds out of the east-northeast. satellite and radar, as you're heading out right now, we have mostly cloudy skies, we can see the rain to the west, that will fall apart and stay to our west. we're looking at a day where we'll start with clouds and see sunshine move in and showers come in overnight tonight. tomorrow, future tracker 6 showing tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. we've got spotty showers or thunderstorm developing here or there, this is a look at 10:00. it's not going to rain all day, but it's unstable tomorrow with the front coming through. tomorrow watch for that showers coming through the area. today is a dry day very warm.
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today, 84 degrees, a little bit muggy this afternoon. partliy -- partly sunny skies. tomorrow we want this front come through. it's not going to rain all the time, but raining at times and cooler temperatures in the 70s. temperature, sunny, 84 degrees for the high, tomorrow, clouds, scattered showers or thunderstorm at any time point not going to rain all day, be prepared for that, that's going to hold the temperatures down a little bit. saturday we'll get sunshine. the best chance for sunshine will be areas to the north. if you're sitting on the beach you'll get partly sunny skies, 82 degrees is the high, that's the better of the two weekend days we're expecting downpours on sunday. even the chance for a gusty thunderstorm coming through. 77 degrees for your high. monday, breezy, sunny, not bad, 80. tuesday, a spotty shower around most of us stay dry, 77.
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look at 75 for wednesday, cool for june. as you check the weather, don't forget go to we've got the blogs and all the latest details and the forecast. that's good to check especially on days where we're talking about spotty showers and it's not hanging around all day. there you can get the forecast. now we can figure out what categories we're in for, we can going on with the news. hundreds of home in houston, texas have been evacuated and rescuers had to step in when neighborhoods flooded more quickly than expected. a few more inches of rain is expected and that could keep flood stage above normal for the weekend. a french navel ship has detected the ping from the black
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boxes. it will determine whether the plane went down because of mechanical failure or hijacking or bomb. a new york woman hopes her terrifying ordeal can be a warning to using a ride shaker app. she called an uber driver and got into the car and saw it was a man posing as a uber driver. he said give me your phone and your money and your pin and he said if you don't i have a gun, i am going to rape you. >> reporter: uber said it sends the drivers name and picture and the make of the car plus the license plate number.
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the pattern school district federaldeo said the high schools worked high to defend its reputation, i wanted to show the students who walk the same hallways has become successful. new massachusetts teen most memorable moment from prom week end shows a boutonnière spin in our bronchial tube. she laughed and inhaled the pin. she thought she dropped it and continued on with the big dance. the next morning, she got an x-ray ray and the pin was removed in a 45 minute surgery. coming up on "action news," doctors reveal more details
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about the baby born in new jersey with the zika virus birth defect. >> reporter: two car makes saw an uncrease in sales last last . that could be good news for you, if you're in the market for a car coming up in business.
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crescent moon on the second day of june. i hope you're june is off to a good start. live in delco the blue route and 476. had overnight construction on the ramp from i-95 to the blue route, both lanes reopened on the ramp. westbound open, eastbound in the process of reopening. they unlocked the ramp from the westbound side of the schuylkill expressway to the eastbound side of the vine. we're in the process of reopening that the vine street expressway. burlington bristol bridge just reopened. there will be more construct at 9:00 p.m. one lane of alternating traffic. have construction going on in belmawr, southbound lanes of 295
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blocked at 42 once again this morning that's scheduled 'til 6. that cleared a little bit early. watch out for work along 41 in deptford township. we're watching out for the possibility of fog down the the shore along the garden state parkway. we're learning more about the first baby born with the zika defect in the continental u.s. doctors say the prognosis is very poor for these cases. the baby has micro ally. she is trying to copy with this emotionally. the 31-year-old mother is from honduras who came to the
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u.s. seeking better medical treatment. a recent scan uncovered the birth defect. >> reporter: taking a look at business at the big board, fewer americans seem to be buying new cars, 6% decline in car sales, yet chrysler and subaru saw increases. this could good news for you if you're thinking about buying a car, weak sales could mean more incentives coming your way for car makers. saudi arabia has invested $3.5 billion in the uber. it will get a seat on the board of directors. uber has been raising billions to work to expand its service across the globe. the dow was up yesterday, 2 1/2 points. this morning, future are foingt a lower open. -- pointing to a lower open. the search for an arsonist who torched a philadelphia apartment building.
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the back seat driver who called 911 to tadle on dad. -- tattle on dad. "action news" will be right back. new this morning a
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6-year-old boy from massachusetts called police because he didn't think his dad was following the rules.
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mike came to a red light and he stopped, and he legally turned right on red. the kindergartener learned that red mean stops. your son said you ran a red light. oh, no, i apologize. it turns out robby wants to be a police officer when he grows up. a mools -- a moose in alaska turned a parking lot into a labor ward. shoppers stopped and watched the moose for hours. they eventually wandered off. a mississippi woman wants in on a modern and postrade
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maxx life in store and online. 5:00 a.m., thursday, june 2. here's what's happening. the driver of a stolen car strikes and kills a pedestrian and ditches the vehicle. we're live with details. more than a dozen residents are having to copy with a serial fire bug that's forcing them out of their home. a


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